The great commonality among Tait Weller’s commercial clients and non-profit organizations, in areas of unrelated business income, is the desire to minimize their tax burden at all levels.

Equally important is their ability to make informed business decisions about potential tax implications. Tait Weller believes that proactive planning maximizes tax efficiencies, and is able to offer planning services such as:

  • Acquisition planning/recognition of unrelated business
  • Compensation planning
  • Estate and gift planning
  • Fringe benefit planning
  • Allocation of costs.


Tait Weller’s tax professionals develop tax-efficient structures and strategies for mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures, including:

  • Acquisition and disposition planning analysis of the possibility and/or desirability of structuring the transaction as a tax-free reorganization including, where applicable, international considerations
  • Federal and multi-state tax planning with respect to the optimal form of structuring the transaction
  • Analysis of the tax treatment of acquisition costs and planning to maximize the tax benefit associated with the amount expended for such costs
  • Review of the tax considerations in structuring an indemnification agreement
  • Analysis and planning in structuring the transaction under the installment sale rules.
  • Preparation of application for exemption for newly formed organizations.

Compensation Planning

  • Compensation planning analysis of the qualification requirements and benefits of qualified and nonqualified stock option plans as well as the income tax (including alternative minimum tax) and employment tax implications.
  • Review of potential deferred compensation plans for both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations, including the proper format for structuring such plans and the income and employment taxation associated with such plans to both the employer and employee.

Estate & Gift

Various planning techniques to allow for the minimization of estate taxes, such as maximizing the utilization of the unified credit available to both spouses:

  • Using family limited partnerships
  • Taking advantage of the annual gift tax exclusion
  • Using life insurance as part of an estate plan
  • Considering various valuation discounts that may be taken, including minority interest and lack of marketability discounts
  • Review of the estate in order to determine if it qualifies for special tax rules such as the exclusion for a qualified family owned business and the deferral of estate tax at a favorable interest rate.

Fringe Benefit

In addition to providing assistance in the pension and compensation planning areas, we consult with our clients on an ongoing basis to determine tax considerations and planning opportunities of other employer-provided fringe benefits, including:

  • The establishment of a cafeteria plan
  • The tax ramifications with respect to the personal use of a company-owned automobile
  • The tax ramifications of a per-diem allowance including planning to reduce or eliminate negative tax effects.

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