On April 24, 2024, the staff of the Division of Investment Management’s Analytics Office of the Securities and Exchange Commission published a new report “Registered Fund Statistics,” which is based on aggregated data reported by SEC-registered funds on Form N-PORT. The new fifty-page report, which will be updated on a quarterly basis, is designed to provide the public with a regular and detailed picture of the registered funds industry—with its more than 12,000 funds and more than $26 trillion in total net assets under management. The report looks to provide key industry statistics and show trends over time, including information and trends related to portfolio holdings, flows and returns, interest rate risk, and other exposures across U.S. mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, closed-end funds, and other registered funds.

Registered Fund Statistics contains the first aggregated report that reflects both the public and non-public information filed on Form N-PORT, and most of the aggregated data in the more than 70 separate tables of the report is being made public for the first time. The statistics reported in Registered Fund Statistics may be downloaded in a structured format, which will provide the historical statistical series of information with each publication of the report.

In addition to the new Registered Fund Statistics report, the Analytics Office of the SEC’s Division of Investment Management provides other information including:

 – Investment Company Data
 – Investment Adviser Data
 – Money Market Fund Statistics
 – Private Funds Statistics
 – Annual Staff Report Relating to the Use of Form PF Data
 – Staff Analysis

The Registered Fund Statistics report is available at:

The web address for the Analytics Office of the SEC’s Division of Investment Management is: