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Industry Leadership

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The firm and its members are actively involved in the mutual fund industry through professional and trade associations. We have been members of the AICPA’s Investment Companies Special Committee and the Accounting/Treasurer Advisory Committee of the Investment Company Institute (“ICI”).
The objective of the AICPA Committee is to keep abreast of new issues that affect the industry and to develop timely responses. The ICI Committee has similar objectives with respect to new issues affecting the industry.  Each committee maintains close contact with legislators and regulators at both the federal and state levels, and is on the leading edge of accounting, tax and reporting issues affecting the industry.
Since the late 1950s we have continuously had a member of our firm serve on the AICPA’s committees and task forces dealing with mutual funds. As a result, our firm has been actively involved in the preparation and amendment of the AICPA Audit and Accounting Guide, Audits of Investment Companies. Consequently, we are uniquely positioned to bring to your attention emerging issues that we believe may have an impact on your company.

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